Ceremony by Roxy on Focus TV network

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On this episode meet Dr. Erin, doctor of divinity, new thought leader, international best-selling author, and women's transformational coach, and an author of 'Awakening', mother, and CEO of Soulciete, and one of the amazing hosts of Good Morning Lalaa land. She shares on her journey of awakening and calling to creat Soulciete and building a platform to empower women in entrepreneurship and spiritually. As we hold space as a community of light, we can truly make impact in the world.

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On this episode of Ceremony by Roxy, meet Rony Ghoraishy my little big sister. She shares her journey of living a life of passion and purpose and her transitioning from her real estate career to yogi, healer, facilitator of retreats world wide. Passion turned profession, she truly shows you can create a career of anything you love and put your heart into.

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On this episode meet the very beautiful soul Shayoon Mendeluk. On this episode she shares on her journey to Ibiza, her gifts of being a healer, reading aura's, aura photography, he journey into motherhood, natural birth, lotus birth, her natural skin care line, and the creation of Light Force center a healing and educational center on the magical island of Ibiza. Shayoon also shares on the release of her book "Wake Up - a quick guide to getting your spirit together on the journey of awakening. It was such a pleasure sharing her beautiful story in living a life a purpose and in service to others.

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On this episode meet John Halloran, founder of Cryo Soul in Venice. He shares his journey of opening CryoSoul and the many benefits of Cryo and using it as a natural form of healing instead of medicine. Watch full episode to hear of the many benefits of spot cryo treatments.

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On this episode of Ceremony by Roxy on Focus TV Network meet Dr. Nikki Starr, medical doctor turned spiritual healer, transformational life coach and facilitator of women's circles. We talk about leading a life of purpose, the journey of awakening, the importance of community, teacher facilitator training in 2019 at Ceremony Meditation and so much more. It was such an honor to hold space with such a beautiful soul and soul sister. Laughter is truly contagious as we barely could get past the opening introduction without bursting into tears.

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Meet the very beautiful soul Elizabeth Flynn founder of Wild Women a platform for motherhood, maidenhood, and beyond. She is a meditation + yoga instructor, healer, writer, artist, leader of women's circles, podcast, and mother to baby Earth. In this episode she speaks about her journey into motherhood, what inspired her to create this platform, giving natural birth, the benefits of eating your placenta, and building a community of mothers to support one another and hold space during this period or rebirth and transition from maiden to motherhood. Grateful to have her share her story, wisdom, and love in this episode.

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Jump on the lit train with Shaman Durek on this episode. A third generation shaman, a women's empowerment leader, a soul activator, host of Ancient Wisdom Podcast (life changing), and a true keeper of ancient wisdom and knowledge. Such an honor to connect with soul family to share Shaman Durek's journey, purpose, passion, and activating the tribe of light on a massive scale. This episode will discuss shamanism where it started, the great awakening, water healing + activation ceremonies and much much more.



Roxy Ghoraishy from Focus TV on Vimeo.

Join Roxy on Good Morning lalala Land as she speaks with Dr. Erin, Rob Mack + Jezlan Moyet as she shares her journey from over a decade career in real estate to her awakening and the birthing and creation of Ceremony Meditation to the symbolism and ancient wisdom behind the creation of the Zen Crystal Meditation Garden.

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On this episode meet Charlotte Victoria aka Blu Cosmic Eagle. A true goddess, soul sister, shape shifter, artist, singer, healer, women's empowerment coach, and facilitator of gene key readings. Charlotte speaks of her journey, living her life purpose, and the beautiful mystery she unlocks through her readings amoungst other topics. 

Turn your passion into purpose. Meet Ruben Rojas a beautiful artist, soul. He is one of the co-founders of beautify earth and it has been beautiful to witness him switch his full time career of being a financial planner, to turning his hobby of being an artist into his full time career. He is the beautiful soul responsible for spreading the love all throughout town with his beautiful LOVE, and I AM LOVE murals all throughout town. Watch this episode for the full scoop. Life a life of purpose, and passion and spread love wherever you go - LITERALLY.