Ceremony by Roxy on Focus TV network

Shamen Durek from Focus TV on Vimeo.

Jump on the lit train with Shaman Durek on this episode. A third generation shaman, women's empowerment leader, soul activator, host of Ancient Wisdom Podcast (life changing), and a true keeper of ancient wisdom and knowledge. Such an honor to connect with soul family + tribe to share Shaman Durek's journey, purpose, passion, and activating the tribe of light. This episode will discuss shamanism where it started, the great awakening, water healing + activation ceremonies and much much more.

Roxy Ghoraishy from Focus TV on Vimeo.

Charlotte Victoria from Focus TV on Vimeo.

On this episode meet Charlotte Victoria aka Blu Cosmic Eagle. A true goddess, soul sister, shape shifter, artist, singer, healer, women's empowerment coach, and facilitator of gene key readings. Charlotte speaks of her journey, living her life purpose, and the beautiful mystery she unlocks through her readings amoungst other topics.