Travis Majick



Travis believes that we all have the inherent potential to become an Ascended Master, such as Buddha and many more. 
For the past few years, Travis has been on his journey to unlock his highest potential as a human being. Through his experience of deep diving into the human condition through the aide of plant medicines and a strong passion to unveil the mysteries of healing, fear and ascension. The knowings he received during these experiences has led him to let go of some of his habits such as; drinking alcohol, eating any processed foods, eating only organic foods, and one by one accepting and changing all behaviors that are not of pure love and understanding. 
Travis came from a successful career in Commercial Real Estate for the past 8 years selling apartment buildings in from Los Felix to Beverly Hills. Notably he was a U.S. Army Helicopter Pilot out at the early age of 21. Now he has co-founded Ceremony Meditation and the Journey Continues of Love.