Roxy Ghoraishy

Roxy is a graduate of UCLA and has over a fifteen year background in real estate. Through a series of events, four years ago, she was divinely guided into selling her escrow company which she owned for ten years. After selling her company, she began creating a healing and wellness center called Ceremony Meditation, located in Venice beach.


Roxy has found a way to live a life of purpose, both as a business woman, and a healer.  Living a life of service to others has allowed her to reach, touch, and heal the hearts of many along the way as a Reiki Master, sound healer, soul activator, ritual  facilitator, moon ceremony magician, space holder, entrepreneurial coach and mother. On her free time she is crystal jewelry designer, as well as a host for ‘Ceremony by Roxy’ on Focus TV network. Her show is dedicated to highlighting beautiful souls that lead a life of purpose and make an impact in our society. 


She is dedicated to living a life of service, passion + purpose and igniting this flame in others. Roxy has created a community and space in Venice that has attracted some of the most activated, brilliant healers in the industry. She has a deep love for sharing ancient wisdom, sacred ceremonies, traditions, and works energetically to create space for deep healing which allows expansion. She facilitates circles and workshops to share these teaching to hold space for activating souls to their true and highest potential.