Nigel Crook



Nigel Crook AKA"Eaglewolf" 

Wellness Facilitator: Clairvoyant/Spiritual Medium 

Nigel was born in the UK with the gift to see spirits in full form as they communicated to him via 4 spirit guides who were always with him.  He sees past, present and future at the same time. His main influences are 2 Native American medicine men with whom he has ancestral links. .

Although Nigel’s roots are in Europe, Australia and the Middle East,  he has been practicing in LA for 24 years in various areas and has done several events with Mercado Sagrado. .

The main goal with Nigel's work is to help the client bring about a better life experience and a more gentle appreciation of change and potential awareness and any healing that takes place, is because of the clients efforts.

Although his work can be quite intense, he tries to deliver it in a mild and easy manner, gently lifting the clients energy and vibration levels.

We recommends that all sessions are recorded.

At the end of the reading the client may ask 5 questions (for a1 hour session)  or 2 questions for a 30 minute session. All questions concern just themselves, no other members of the family. 

During the session Nigel will go into an altered state of conciousness and it is not unusual for the client to join him, so please leave some time for you to "come round" after the session.

There will also be homework given to clients to help them manifest and easily transverse the pathway ahead of them.

There is always a "close down" after every session and Nigel will also help to facilitate extended healing by referring clients to several friends of his in the healing arts, Reiki, Crystal and Healing potions, Breath Work Yoga, (also Birth and Death Doulas) all based on the west side.  Please no clients under 20 and repeat clients after a minimum of 3 months.