Lulu Berton

Lulu began her journey to self-transformation over twelve years ago during a week-long retreat in her home-country, Italy, with Tibetan Buddhism master, lama Sogyal Rinpoche. She soon realized that sitting on a cushion for at least twenty minutes a day was more then just a powerful way to calm the mind. It meant learning the art of living. After moving to Los Angeles, she immersed herself in the practice of Vipassana meditation after taking her first ten day silent retreat course in the magic grounds of the Joshua Tree Desert. This particular technique, taught by The Buddha as a universal remedy to free humanity from suffering, eventually propelled her into deepening the practice and study of Buddhism and non-dual Tantra. Always maintaining a ‘beginners mind’ she did not neglect the Vedanta lineage by approaching Vedic and TM meditation with maharishi Thom Knoles and Vedic philosophy with Jeffrey Armstrong and Manoj Chalam. As a devoted yogini, Lulu also teaches Integral Yoga, bringing together the rivers of Hatha, Jana, Kriya, Kundalini and Bhakti Yoga. She is a chanteuse, Kirtan leader and tantrika. As an act of Seva (selfless service), for over eight years she has been teaching Yoga to the Blind at the Braille Institute of Los Angeles where she has created a Yoga, Meditation and Breathwork program specifically devoted to visually impaired students.