Cristina Aragon


Cristina Aragon, is an Intuitive Reiki Practitioner, from Los Angeles California. She works with Spirit, and has a very close connection to her guides whom allow her to see and channel information during her healing sessions. This allows her to gain some insight regarding her clients, which can be useful as she will often receive messages and/or affirmations for them. Her reiki sessions include smudging to cleanse ones energy field, crystals, oils, and assessing which chakras are blocked. She connects with her client to help set intentions and remove any stagnant or negative energy that may be preventing them from achieving their desired goals. Cristina is a very loving and nurturing soul awakened to her power + purpose as a Medicine Woman in many lifetimes, as she works close with her clients to help them feel restored and renewed emotionally, physically, as well as spiritually. She is grateful to live a life in service to others.