I AM LOVE candle- the ritual collection
I AM LOVE candle- the ritual collection

I AM LOVE candle- the ritual collection

The ritual  collection    


Fragrance:   basil + jasmine 

natural coconut wax

Ceremony ritual collection no. 444   

crystal : red titanium lemurian seed 

Each candle comes with an incantation prayer card so that you can set your intention before lighting the candle.  Take a moment to set your intentions with the candle and write them down on the prayer card. Hold the candle to your chest close your eyes and meditate with the candle for a couple of minutes before lighting the candle. Proceed to light  the candle. Your candle is now programmed with your intention to carry out through the course of the parent of the candle.

All candles are all blessed + charged and annointed  with herbs + crystals  to be used for specific ritual + magic.

I AM LOVE candle is great for using in ritual for healing, self love + attracting love.  The journey of attracting love starts with self love and acceptance.  Light this candle in a full moon or new moon and meditate with it daily for five days, sharing gratitide  for  your many blessings that you have in your life currently and in the future. 

Once the candle is completely with burned take the crystal which  is now programmed with your intention.  Keep this candle with you or place on your altar.

These candles are all  natural coconut wax, and annointed  with herbs + a crystal to be used in rituals and magic