Ceremony Crystal water Bottle
Ceremony Crystal water Bottle
Ceremony Crystal water Bottle

Ceremony Crystal water Bottle

 Custom Crystal water  Bottles infused with love 

Choose from Amethyst + Rose Quartz + Smokey Quartz +  Clear Quartz + black obsidian 

💫  rose quartz  //  stone of universal love // promotes deep healing // restores trust and harmony in relationships // purifies and opens the heart at all levels to promote love + self-love //  dispels negativity // protects against environmental pollution // replaces negative vibez with loving vibes // encourages self forgiveness + self acceptance // infused with love + light 💫

{ black obsidian // protective and grounding stone // it opens the root chakra // casts energy that mirrors your soul //  is also a powerful stone for releasing, mourning, and letting go //  use this beautiful and symbolic piece as a reminder that transition is natural, necessary, and sacred, keeping it with you through times of trial or grief } 



Care Instructions

VERY FRAGILE / hand wash. 

intended for water only;


glass is dishwasher safe 



when removing crystal display from base, twist by holding the root and not the crystal 


each crystal is one of a kind, and has her own personality and will vary in shape color and size. 

our crystal elixir water bottles are 100% safe, we only use quartz crystals in our Glacce Bottles. if you are considering exploring other homemade elixirs, we encourage you to do your research because some gems are not safe to place in your drinking water.