Tap into the divine within as reiki healer

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raise your vibration as a reiki healer.

opening yourself up to becoming  a reiki healer is a way to activate your energy by going through deep healing to step into your true nature + power.






step into the highest version of yourself. 


The journey of my awakening and the remembrance of being 'a healer' happened for me several years back as a series of events happened that led me on a journey in connecting back with my soul. A little over four years ago I went through the process of going through reiki training which goes hand in hand with a deep healing and a karmic purification process that comes inherently with with taking the training. After taking the training a domino effect of life changing events happened both in my personal life + business career for me to process through. I was in real estate for over seventeen years, and owned an escrow company for ten of those years. I was at the height of my career, having two locations and going through all the waves associated with owning your own business. I had a busy schedule and hectic lifestyle which had me to be so out of touch with my feelings, thoughts, and emotions. I was oblivious to all the signs that came forth my way signaling that I should get out of the industry. It seemed the more successful and affluent my circle became the more empty they were, filling themselves up with material possession that didn't fill the void.  The experience of owning my own business was priceless, yet it didn’t  feed my soul. A lot of my time was consumed in charity work, fundraising and throwing  events with the 'Women Like Us Foundation' , as being of service and helping others made me happy. Yoga + meditation was the only thing that kept me anchored and balanced throughout this time.  My entire world revolved around my business, until the universe threw a curve ball through my way to shake my world and force me out of the industry. I was caught in a cross fire with Wells Fargo Bank and the CFPB in which Wells Fargo  had black listed my business to no longer be able to do business with them. After months of investigation, the CFPB had not found us in violation of anything, however Wells Fargo still refused to change my our account to good standing, and had added me on a national black list. This was a heart shattering event, and throughout that year felt like the death of my child. However through all the internal work i was doing that year, and studying Kabbalah, i had a shift in perspective looking at it as ' you know you have really made it in an industry when you are black listed.' Also through my studies i learned that when something that 'appears' to be an awful event, is actually a blessing coming your way, so i remained unattached and neutral to all the events coming forth my way. This situation led me to the  quick realization that i had to sell the business to avoid drowning in the expense of keeping it open. I was in a real estate for 17 years, and this series of events was my biggest catalyst for growth, healing, change and a transition out of my real estate career.  One thing that was not shared to me was opening yourself up to the energy of becoming a reiki healer will bring up any issues in your life that you need to heal and will start a karmic purification’s process and definitely bring you in alignment if you are not on the correct path in life. During this year, 2014 seemed to look like my most chaotic year, with everything I worked so hard to build, crumble and fall apart right in front of my very eyes. During this year I had started taking Kabbalah and would spend my extra time healing myself daily, and practicing on anyone that didn’t mind me placing a crystal grid all around them and practicing reiki on them. I was so drawn to giving reiki with no expectation or plan that this would be my purpose, path, and career. This year turned out to be my biggest blessing, and pivotal changing point in my life + career. Fast forward one and half years later I had sold my business, and was divinely guided to open up to create and bring life to what is now called Ceremony meditation and create a space where others could use meditation as a form of healing, awakening and empowerment in aligning with your dharma, and purpose. 


The reiki energy works in your aura and energetic fields known as your chakra system. As you heal and release negative energy, thoughts patterns and stagnant energy this will in turn raise your vibration + frequency. Similar to upgrading your hard drive on your computer or upgrading your 7+ Apple phone for a 10+- not the best comparison but you get what I mean. 


My biggest gift now is seeing the transformations of those not only that take reiki training with me, but also the people who do private healing with me. The most recent healing I had client that lost both her grandparents in a matter of two months, her boyfriend of three years broke up with her, she had gained thirty pounds in a matter of months, and felt a downward spiral of her world crumbling apart. I focused on doing a reiki sound healing chakra clearing meditation, calling In the holy Fire II reiki energy to release any energies and negative thought patterns not serving  her. After a meditation- sound healing + integration she felt a new light of inspiration and all the heavy energy lifted. It was her birthday the following day and she couldn’t stop thanking me that her chakras were aligned AF. She is a PA practicing on patients daily in the western medical field and saw a new found light in how to integrate energy healing and start researching in how to do this. I lead her to start with watching the documentary 'heal', and further to read the book ‘The seven stages of healing’ by Caroline Myss.’


Everyone’s experience in going through the reiki training process or receiving reiki healing is different yet everyone has a profound shift and deep healing take place. The beautiful gift of being able to heal yourself, and others is one that is far more rewarding than monetary compensation.


A testimonial from one of  my reiki students after doing the training is below. 


I’d love to share what my biggest “shift” has been since coming to Ceremony and taking reiki training class. The biggest thing that’s opened up for me most recently has been realizing that I’ve been giving up/giving away my personal power, leadership, and ability to influence. I have become selfless but i realize now that that is still a form of taking and feeding my ego. True selflessness is being selfish enough to fill my own cup up so I can truly give back to others, not just to give everything away, or to hold back from utilizing my power of influence out of fear of making others look inferior or because I have a fear of standing out too much or looking stupid in some way. So I realize now I have tremendous gifts and ability and power to influence others and it’s time to step into that and own it-no more giving it away and no more lack of faith/trust that I don’t have power over others. 

I am thankful for discovering these vital truths about myself. I have a long journey ahead and I’m excited to see what comes within it. – Brandon Tobias ‘ Bullet proof lab ‘


My dates for upcoming training's are as follows if you are interested in becoming a healer, and starting a beautiful journey to the soul. Please view our workshops tab on our website for further information and to register.

Holy fire II Reiki I - February 10th from 12-6

Holy fire II Reiki II - March 16th from 12-6



Love and light to all.

May divine love bring a desire for peace, freedom, happiness and love in the hearts of all living beings. May all beings melt with love into their true divine destiny. According to divine grace and in service to the divine feminine wisdom evolving through humanity at this time, so be it.

In service to love.


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