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Ceremony Meditation is a healing and wellness center that was created to support personal transformation and spiritual awakening of humanity. We believe the foundation of supporting spiritual awakening is one's self-practice while connecting with like-minded community, and continuing education to deepen one's practice to discover your gifts and live a life of purpose to fulfill your destiny ( aka dharma ). It is a special time in history to be on earth as what is taking place at this time is the great awakening of the planet. We are being called to collectively raise our consciousness, and dissolve of all that is not in resonance of the vibration of  love + light.

We hope you find a place of community, love, practice, ceremony, ritual, and deepening your practice with our variety of offerings. We welcome all levels of souls to enjoy our classes, workshops and training programs, all which hold a special activation for your soul.  The classes are like crystals, in which the right class that you need will find you.

Join us from anywhere in the globe as our classes are all VIRTUAL where you can stream from anywhere in the world. Follow us on instagram @ceremonymeditation for our INSTA- FREE - LIVE community classes for anyone to attend  to allow you to connect with your inner Zen and meditate from anywhere.

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Winter Solstice Light Code Activation 2020

December 18th- 22nd

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Akashic Records Group Healing and Reading

with Desiree Lanz

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Our community workshops exists to provide a space where all beings can truly feel supported and safe within their practices of meditation, healing, cleansing, self-growth, and overall transformation of consciousness. We offer platforms for stepping into trust and fulfilling your own evolutions. Please be aware that the class times are Pacific Standard Time. ZOOM LINK for Workshops will be emailed to you 15 minutes.


Ancient Teaching Mystery School


Facilitator Teacher Training Program 2021

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'The Journey of Awakening' By Roxy on Evertalk TV


Meditation can increase happiness, focus, memory, compassion, productivity, and present moment awareness. Classes, specialty workshops, and events at Ceremony aim to decrease stress, reduce anxiety, increase focused, improve test scores, and increase levels optimism, health, and inner peace. 

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"I love Ceremony meditation! I am now certified in Reiki I and II by the amazing healer Roxy, Ive learned and grown so much thru her techniques and of course Reiki. I would recommend this place to anyone who is ready to be open to meeting like- minded individuals who  practice self-growth, love and much more! The atmosphere is just so peaceful and calming! A must go if you are in venice!"

~ Joy Oliva 

"I love Ceremony because it offers a safe and peaceful environment for people to grow spiritually. The studio has such a peaceful and positive atmosphere, and so do the instructors. My favorite class so far is Future Self meditation with Peter. I loved the class so much that I have already gone back within 3 months. The class helps me to center myself and live my life with more awareness."

~ Anonymous

"For me, Ceremony is a haven for love, tranquility, & acceptance here in LA. From the first time I walked through the doors, I felt welcome. Where other studios can often feel cold & impersonal, Ceremony just isn't like that. The physical space itself - combined with the beautiful energy of Roxy & her team - make this place feel like 'home' almost instantly. I'm so happy that I've found a place like this where I can go when I feel like I need a reset or even just a little self-care."

~ Kelly Cook

“I just want to say how grateful I am to have connected with Desiree and to have made my way into her class. Everything she has taught us has allowed for me to align more and more every day, and magical moments are happening with unprecedented ease. I deeply align with how she shares, what she shares and why she shares, and it all just feels right.” - Nicole, Healer, on the Intuitive Reader Training Program

" Ceremony Facilitator Teacher Training was heart opening and heart expanding. The exploration of all the different modalities offered in this program got me in touch with who I am. I was able to tap into what resonated with me and discovered what makes my heart sing. " - Angela P. on Ceremony Teacher Training Program

"This testimonial is a shout out to all the men out there to sign up for this course to expand as a light being. This training helped me to develop a self-care program that has enabled me to grow and expand my ability to connect, engage and support others. In this course I got the tools I needed to grow as a person and as a man. I graduated with a profound understanding of my personal sense of the divine masculine, which has given me a deeper comprehension of who I am as a man and brought greater clarity to my relationship to the divine feminine." - L.J. on Ceremony Facilitator Teacher training Program

Roxy and the entire staff are the MOST AMAZING transformative healers and light workers on this planet. I entered in, mystified and somewhat disoriented, having never been exposed to any sort of "spiritual" or "energy" stuff before. They all made my journey super accessible to understand and to help me through real problems to become the man I am today. I first entered lost, confused, frustrated, and purposelessness, and can positively say that a year later after consistently taking part of Ceremony's activities, have found my voice, passion, purpose, and power through a REAL spiritual awakening, which takes time and is a journey. Ceremony Meditation is the perfect place to help get you there, wherever you were meant to go : ) OH and if you need a Reiki activation look no further. Roxy does Holy Fire Reiki activation's and it is POWERFUL beyond belief. First time I realized I was being guided the entire time, because of this activation. Thanks Roxy and tribe, you are life changing!! – Brandon Tobias, Healer

I have attended one moon circle and numerous sound baths. I am so incredibly thankful for the experience(s) I've had attending these events at Ceremony Meditation. They have helped me to become more self-aware in the hustle and bustle of my everyday life, allowing me to be present and simply enjoy the moment. As a lawyer, I've struggled with stress and anxiety in the past. I work in a high intensity profession with very little margin of error. Attending these events at Ceremony Meditation has helped me slow things down and has given me a friendly reminder of what is truly important in life; namely, love for others and myself. I feel like my experience has served as some kind of spiritual therapy!!! – Henry Peacor

“I am in awe of how much I have learned and how much more confident and aligned I am with my higher purpose and highest good. I had an inkling I would be able to do this, but wasn’t sure quite how. With every new practice we were given, fear initially set in and I would think, will I really be able to do this? The more we practiced, that fear subsided and I began to trust and believe fully in my potential. This is such a huge gift and I am thankful for that. Desiree was so confident we could all do this, and that belief transpired into my believing in my abilities. " - Anonymous

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