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Welcome to Ceremony Meditation, where we invite you to our sacred temple to meditate, join us in a sound bath workshop, get a detox balancer or get a reiki healing by one of our gifted healers.   Our purpose as an intentional community is to provide a space where all beings can feel supported and safe within their practices of meditation, healing, cleansing, self growth and overall transformation of consciousness. Allowing one’s self to step into the trust of their own evolution.

Whether you’re a beginner to meditation or an advanced practitioner we have classes of all levels to help you explore, find balance and peace within and help discover the limitless potential you hold. Let us guide you in a meditation class where you get to sit with the most important person, YOURSELF!! So many times we are looking for the answers we seek everywhere else but within.

We invite all beings of light to Ceremony to teach the sacredness and Ceremonial traditions that is in everything and anything that we do. We share the knowledge of rituals and ancient wisdom and pass these traditions along in our teachings at Ceremony Meditation. We look forward to guiding you along this path of self-discovery, growth, and healing and to share ancient wisdom on the sacredness and Ceremonial rituals behind meditating and more.




We stand with open hearts and expanded minds with all of creation and welcome you to our sacred temple, where we invite you to take your vibration to the next level.